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Personal Touch Insurance

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Tired of dealing with big-name insurers that only care about the money? Trust Insuracana for customized hands-on coverage. For home insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance, mobile home insurance, and liability insurance in Florida, and Georgia, contact us today.

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Homeowners & Renters Insurance

A comprehensive homeowners insurance policy helps you protect your biggest investment, which is also your personal sanctuary and where you make some of your best memories. Request a quote now with our Insuracana team to explore customized coverage options that suit your needs.

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Auto Insurance

At Insuracana, we’ve got you covered on all your car insurance. We offer you the best coverage at rates you can afford. You can get a quote right now to see your available options for:

  • Car insurance
  • Classic car insurance
  • RV insurance
  • ATV and off-road vehicle insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Camper insurance
  • Umbrella Coverage
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Woman and Child With Auto & Car Insurance Policy in Orange Park, FL

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t include flood insurance.

So, it’s important to purchase additional coverage for your home, whether it’s in the Florida Keys or Panhandle. Every Florida resident knows all too well the risk of flooding in the Sunshine State.

Most damage sustained by a hurricane is water damage. Water damage is not covered under most home insurance policies.

Most flood policies protect your home and personal property from losses that result directly from a flood, like water damage, lost valuables, and more. As most coverage policies take 30 days to take effect, don’t wait any longer to get a quote for your home.

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Liability Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance typically provides coverage for a wide range of liability situations, including bodily injury, property damage, libel, slander, false arrest, and even certain lawsuits not covered by your primary policies.

To obtain personal umbrella insurance, you usually need to have an underlying insurance policy with specified minimum coverage limits, such as auto or homeowner’s insurance.

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Car Insurance, House Insurance, and Condo Insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed specifically for mobile or manufactured homes. These homes are built off-site and transported to their final location, and they often have unique features and construction compared to traditional site-built homes. Mobile home insurance provides protection against various risks that these homes may face, similar to homeowners insurance for site-built houses.

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