Renters Insurance in Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, and the Surrounding Areas

Condo Insurance in Nocatee, Orange Park, St. Augustine & Surrounding Areas

Just because you are renting an apartment doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have renters insurance in Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, Orange Park, Ponte Verda Beach, St. Augustine, and the surrounding areas. In fact, your landlord does not need to provide coverage for your belongings, only for the building itself. That’s why you need to call our team at Insuracana today to make sure that you protect what you own. From your clothes to furniture to electronics and more, renters insurance will protect the contents of your apartment from theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, and other events. Contact our team today to learn more about renters insurance.

Important to List Out Your Property

Just how much property insurance should you have as part of your renters insurance? The best way to know that is to document what you have, starting with the large and/or expensive items. If you have receipts to prove the purchase price, keeping those and even having pictures of the receipt will help. Pictures of the items also help to provide evidence of what it is and cost. Then build a list of these items and their associated costs.

You may have some items that are more expensive or unique, and therefore will cost more to replace. These items may be important to add as a rider to your renters insurance so that you will have them fully covered. This adds additional protection just for those listed items and allow you to exceed the regular limits of the renters insurance policy for those items. And your renters insurance may not cover all perils that could happen, so speak with your insurance agent to see if there are additional protections that can be added if you are concerned about them.

Liability Coverage With Renters Insurance

Your renters insurance also provides you with some liability coverage. If there was property damage or bodily injury, your personal liability coverage will address these costs. But there is also a provision for medical payments to others if they suffer an injury while at your apartment or if you are outside of your apartment. Additionally, if your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril, your renters insurance will help to pay for alternate lodging until your apartment is available again.

Renters insurance is just as valuable as homeowners insurance, about the only difference is that renters insurance does not cover the structure of the building you live in in Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, Orange Park, Ponte Verda Beach, St. Augustine, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team at Insuracana today to get your renters insurance in place before anything happens.